Group and Corporate Pricing

For families, businesses, organizations or groups, let our expertise make your life easier!

Groups start an administrator account, which can add as many user accounts as they want. The administrator can add or remove new users at any time, at your own domains or Pobox ones.

If your domain has addresses that are used by more than one person or different people (like sales@, support@, etc.), put them on the administrator account, and forward them to the current user.

Discounts for Groups

Billing groups receive automatic discounts based on the number of active accounts in the group.

  • 2-4: 10%
  • 5-19: 20%
  • 20-39: 25%
  • 40-59: 30%
  • 60-79: 35%
  • 80-99: 40%
  • 100 or more: 50%

Additional discounts are available for groups of 500 or more, and groups that do not require end-user support. Or check out corporate forwarding, below.

All accounts are billed annually by default. Groups with 5 or more accounts may request to pay quarterly; groups with 10 or more accounts may request to pay monthly.

Every group's situation is unique, so ask us if you have a complicated problem. We can help get you going quickly.

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Account Type # of Accounts
Pobox PlusForwarding + filters
Pobox BasicForwarding only

Getting started with a group is as simple as signing up your first account. Your first account should be the account administrator — that is, the one who will create and (if desired) administrate other accounts in the future. Any domains should also be assigned to that account.

If you have a small number of accounts, you may prefer to create them yourself. To have us set them up for you, just contact Customer Service with a list of accounts!

White Label Email Forwarding

Pobox provides backend forwarding services for alumni groups and trade organizations. Bring this great value add to your brand today!

Corporate services are available at mail volume in excess of 100,000 messages per month, and are configured via JSON API. Prices are based on mail volume handled and features needed, from $200 to $800 per million messages.

For more details, please download the price sheet, then submit a request more information.

Corporate Service Request

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